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Review of EnterSports Ab Roller Wheel, 6-in-1 Ab Roller Kit with Knee Pad
4.60 stars Excellent Form 8897 Reviews
Reviewed on: June 04, 2021 Author:
Price Range

$26 - $43

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Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Takes up small amount of space
  • Simple design


  • Resistance bands may be too short
Review Summary

This is the summary of consumer reviews for EnterSports Ab Roller Wheel, 6-in-1 Ab Roller Kit with Knee Pad. The BoolPool rating for this product is Excellent, with 4.60 stars, and the price range is $26 - $43.

The EnterSports Ab Roller Wheel, 6-in-1 Ab Roller Kit with Knee Pad, is a small but effective workout tool that delivers results quickly. Despite the simple build and the small, easy to store away size, this abdominal workout wheel strengthens all the muscles of the core better than other machines. A number of exercises can be performed with this tool, including ab rollouts, and stabilizing resistance bands adds an extra level of safety and also effort to build up the tough-to-reach muscles. 

Customers say the affordable price and the simple design make this fitness tool a strong one. The thick wheel tread makes it stable when rolling in and out, and comfortable handles make gripping it easy, as well. Others say the extra features like a soft, foamy knee pad and resistance bands make this particular product a worthwhile buy where you get more bang for your buck.

Some say the resistance bands are too short for taller people. However, these bands are not required to use.

User Voice
EnterSports Ab Roller Wheel, 6-in-1 Ab Roller Kit with Knee Pad
Great value for the money.
Review Group #: 1 Rating :
5.00 stars
7 Reviews See Details
And it takes up very little space despite these big benefits.
Review Group #: 2 Rating :
4.00 stars
9 Reviews See Details
The straps are super helpful and make it easier to roll forward and then helps bring you back much easier then going without it but that's just me seeing as I'm a beginner.
Review Group #: 3 Rating :
3.00 stars
11 Reviews See Details
Good quality product, simple construction.
Review Group #: 4 Rating :
4.50 stars
12 Reviews See Details
Resistance bands work perfectly to keep the exercise steady.
Review Group #: 5 Rating :
4.00 stars
14 Reviews See Details
Very easy to assemble and use.
Review Group #: 6 Rating :
3.50 stars
15 Reviews See Details
Works very well and has great grip.
Review Group #: 7 Rating :
4.00 stars
16 Reviews See Details
Well worth it and recommended.
Review Group #: 8 Rating :
4.50 stars
16 Reviews See Details
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