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Review of Gonex Roller Skates for Girls
4.80 stars Excellent Form 1822 Reviews
Reviewed on: February 24, 2022 Author:
Price Range

$20 - $65

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Pros & Cons


  • High quality
  • Good for beginners
  • True to size fit
  • Easy fit straps
  • Four wheel stabilization


  • May run slightly bigger in size
Review Summary

This is the summary of consumer reviews for Gonex Roller Skates for Girls. The BoolPool rating for this product is Excellent, with 4.80 stars, and the price range is $20 - $65.

The Gonex Roller Skates for Girls are four-wheeled roller skates with multi-colored flashing wheels and a striking design. These easy-on skates have one simple latch for children to put on and secure the skates on themselves and enjoy indoors or outdoors. The smooth ride is great for beginners or those who have done it before, and children can enjoy them right out of the box. The skates are comfortable, come in three sizes, and run true to size. Plus, a built-in front stopper is a great safety feature parents can be feel good about.

Those who have purchased these skates say they are high quality, fun to use and wear, and easy for children to figure out. They say beginners enjoy these because of the stability four wheels provides. Others say the easy-on latch is great for children to be able to do themselves. Many say the wheels are durable and provide a smooth ride. Others say they love how flashy and fun the colors are, and they love that they come in two different colors to choose from.

Some say the boots run slightly larger than anticipated. This may be because the brand only makes three sizes - small, medium, and large - to account for growing feet.

User Voice
Gonex Roller Skates for Girls
Really easy to adjust, kids have no issues putting on the skates themselves, the straps are a plus so it keeps the laces from unravelling (kids don't tie their shoes good).
Review Group #: 1 Rating :
4.00 stars
4 Reviews See Details
These skates are high quality and appropriate for beginners.
Review Group #: 2 Rating :
5.00 stars
9 Reviews See Details
She did well even on rough surfaces.
Review Group #: 3 Rating :
4.00 stars
9 Reviews See Details
My girl loved them and the quality it too if the line!
Review Group #: 4 Rating :
5.00 stars
10 Reviews See Details
She immediately put them on and loves them.
Review Group #: 5 Rating :
5.00 stars
12 Reviews See Details
The sizing is true to size.
Review Group #: 6 Rating :
4.50 stars
13 Reviews See Details
This's my daughter's first ever pair of roller skates.
Review Group #: 7 Rating :
4.50 stars
15 Reviews See Details
My daughter loves these skates.
Review Group #: 8 Rating :
5.00 stars
28 Reviews See Details
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