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Review of Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano$48

Review of Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano

4.00 stars
Price Range
Reviewed on: June 23, 2013
Author: BoolPool.com

Pros & Cons

  • Features 25 keys and 2 full octaves
  • Illustrated songbook teaches classic nursery songs
  • Color-coded key chart for easy instructions
  • High quality, solid-wood construction
  • Brightly painted, stylish and attractive
  • Pleasant sound with various notes
  • Reasonable price and durable
  • Sounds tinny and metallic
  • Keys get stuck often and fall off easily
  • Screws get loose on regular basis
  • Loud and annoying to some

Review Summary

This is the summary of consumer reviews for Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano. The BoolPool rating for this product is Good, with 4.00 stars, and the price range is $48.99-$69.99.

Melissa & Doug Learn To-Play Piano is made from high quality materials to ensure durability and safety. Its solid wood construction makes it sturdy enough for hours of play. This brightly painted colorful upright piano features 25 keys and 2 full octaves giving the little musicians an opportunity to explore the concept of high and low notes, loud and soft. The piano comes with an illustrated songbook so your child can learn to play up to nine favorite nursery songs. The color-coded key chart makes it easy for your child to identify notes on the piano and take the first steps toward playing tunes.

However, some reviewers report that the notes played sound very tinny or metallic like. The keys get stuck while playing and they fall off very easily. Some have even complained that the screws tend to loosen up on regular basis. This problem was becoming a question for the Learn-to-Play claim by Melissa & Doug.

Overall, the Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano is pretty durable, sturdy, stylish and adorable instrument. It sounds pleasant and the price is suitable for the output it produces. It is a fairly preferred musical instrument to let children develop their musical side.


  • Dimensions: 11.5"L x 9.5"H x 15.75"W
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs

User Voice

Cluster Help
Review Group #: 1
(4.00 stars)
5 Reviews
Sounds pleasant Looks nice Perfect first instrument to introduce kids to music Might be loud and annoying to some Screws fall off
Review Group #: 2
(3.00 stars)
15 Reviews
Durable outer frame Keys sound good but stick or fall off easily Glued color coded paper note guide Tiny piano
Review Group #: 3
(3.50 stars)
16 Reviews
Notes sound tinny or metallic Poor sound quality Bright color Adorable Looks dingy but good for a toy
Review Group #: 4
(3.50 stars)
17 Reviews
Sounds like a toy Keys would get stuck thus reversing the learn to play claim Suitable to any age group who enjoys music

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