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Review of SHARPER IMAGE Smartsense Shiatsu Realtouch Chair Pad
4.30 stars Very Good Form 135 Reviews
Reviewed on: January 27, 2022 Author:
Price Range

$91 - $249

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Pros & Cons


  • Full back massager
  • Attaches to any chair
  • Optional heat feature


  • May feel aggressive at fiirst
Review Summary

This is the summary of consumer reviews for SHARPER IMAGE Smartsense Shiatsu Realtouch Chair Pad. The BoolPool rating for this product is Very Good, with 4.30 stars, and the price range is $91 - $249.

The SHARPER IMAGE Smartsense Shiatsu Realtouch Chair Pad is a full back sized shiatsu back massager that has heat and massaging functions all in gel memory pad. This back massager easily straps on to a chair or any kind of table, even including a car seat, and works to massage the back, from the neck to the thoracic spine, continuously. This back massager feels like a custom massager because of the variety of nodes underneath that pad that feel like fingers providing pressure to various parts of the back. Intensity can be adjusted and heat can be added to make this the ultimate experience.

Customers say this massaging pad is great because it easily straps on to any kind of chair, from a recliner to a work chair and even a car. The heat soothes tight back muscles, and a variety of massaging movements can help to release even the tightest knots that customers say they have had for years.

Some say the massager is way too rough and even painful to use at first. They say it sometimes takes some getting used to before feeling soothed by it.

User Voice
SHARPER IMAGE Smartsense Shiatsu Realtouch Chair Pad
Absolutely fantastic for my back and neck.
Review Group #: 1 Rating :
5.00 stars
3 Reviews See Details
Once you find the right chair to set the massage cushion on, it's pretty fantastic.
Review Group #: 2 Rating :
3.50 stars
7 Reviews See Details
My husband loved using this back massager.
Review Group #: 3 Rating :
4.00 stars
8 Reviews See Details
It can feel a little rough at first.
Review Group #: 4 Rating :
3.50 stars
9 Reviews See Details
Does what it's supposed to, very professional and there's nothing wrong with it but if you're a bigger man this won't work for you.
Review Group #: 5 Rating :
3.50 stars
9 Reviews See Details
This massager is really good.
Review Group #: 6 Rating :
4.00 stars
24 Reviews See Details
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