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Review of Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light$19

Review of Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light

4.50 stars
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Reviewed on: March 31, 2014
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Review of Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light

4.50 stars ‎ from 3232 reviews‎
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Pros & Cons

  • Projects complete starry night sky on walls and ceiling
  • Enough light to be used as a night lamp
  • Auto shutoff LED light after 45 minutes
  • Easy to control and use
  • Projects in three color options
  • Attractive and vibrant colors
  • Provides comforting ambience for kids
  • Cheap quality
  • Needs to be placed at height for good projection

Review Summary

This is the summary of consumer reviews for Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light. The BoolPool rating for this product is Excellent, with 4.50 stars, and the price range is $19.99-$39.97.

The Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light transforms any room into a starry night sky to help kids sleep comfortably. This night light toy can also be used as an illustrated star guide to teach children about different constellations, includes 8 different constellations in the new Sea Turtle (such as The Bid Dipper). The LED light automatically shuts off after 45 minutes giving a complete dark room during deep sleep as recommended by pediatrician. The Twilight Constellation Night Light is available in Turtle and Ladybug designs with multiple attractive and vibrant colors. The turtle projects 3 color options: the soothing amber, bright blue or bright green; whereas the ladybug projects 3 color options: sapphire blue, emerald or ruby red.

However, some buyers find this night light to be of cheap quality and considerably different in color from what is pictured. Some users found it difficult to project the constellation even on 8' ceiling and walls, the plush toy has to be placed at a height to get the desired projection.

Overall, the Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light can comfortably be used as a night lamp for children having hard time sleeping or afraid of the dark. It is highly recommended by buyers for its good projection and affordable price.

User Voice

Cluster Help
Review Group #: 1
(4.00 stars)
5 Reviews
Very cute Educational concept Projects well Has choices of colros On button is poorly designed
Review Group #: 2
(3.00 stars)
14 Reviews
Lights up entire room Beautiful moon and stars constellation Different intensities for different colors Huge color difference than pictured Cheap quality
Review Group #: 3
(4.00 stars)
16 Reviews
Easy to control buttons Easy customization of light and colors Enough light to use as night lamp
Review Group #: 4
(4.00 stars)
21 Reviews
Stars do not move Not realistic looking, just big and dim star shapes Some could not find any constellation Have to be placed at height to be projected on wall and ceiling
Review Group #: 5
(4.50 stars)
35 Reviews
Turns off automatically after 45 minutes Amber stars does not show up well Blue and Green colors are wonderful

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