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Review of Chattnooga Colpac Cold Therapy, Blue Vinyl$5

Review of Chattnooga Colpac Cold Therapy, Blue Vinyl

Very Good
4.30 stars
Price Range
Reviewed on: August 11, 2013
Author: BoolPool.com

Pros & Cons

  • Long lasting coldness, quickly refreezes
  • Effective cold therapy for aches, pains and swells
  • Flexible and contours according to the shape
  • Seven different sizes as per need
  • Well-made, sturdy and durable
  • Extensively used by clinical therapists
  • Affordable price
  • Large pack is space consuming
  • Absorbs smell of other freezer items

Review Summary

This is the summary of consumer reviews for Chattnooga Colpac Cold Therapy, Blue Vinyl. The BoolPool rating for this product is Very Good, with 4.30 stars, and the price range is $5.99-$25.95.

The Chattanooga Blue Vinyl Colpac is an effective cold therapy to get relief from aches, pains, sprains, swelling, fever or post-surgery swells etc. These packs are latex free and filled with non-toxic silica gel that remain soft and flexible throughout, thus taking the shape of the targeted area for maximum effective treatment. The Blue Vinyl Colpac’s are available in seven different shapes and sizes catering to different small or large areas as per need. Needless to say the larger pack (11”x14”) is the most versatile among all as it covers maximum area or multiple areas in a single treatment. These packs are designed for clinical or home use and provide up to 30 minutes of ensured therapy. They refreeze quickly and are ready instantly for another application during acute trouble or emergencies.

However, as it is recommended to be stored in freezer always, users feel the smell of other food or freezer items is absorbed by these packs. Also, the larger packs are space consuming and can be difficult to store continuously in smaller freezer.

Overall, the Chattanooga Blue Vinyl Colpac is highly recommended cold therapy application for its efficiency, durability and affordable price. It helps areas like back, knee, shoulder, neck, hip, eyes or any other targeted body area with ease.

User Voice

Cluster Help
Review Group #: 1
(4.50 stars)
24 Reviews
Very sturdy and well-made Worth the price Holds up quite well with use Great cold therapy for swells or post-surgery Neck contours fits well Some packs leaked after certain time
Review Group #: 2
(4.00 stars)
26 Reviews
Nice performance Good quality Priced reasonably Contours as per the target area Refreezes quicker Holds cold for long time Perfect sizes as per need
Review Group #: 3
(4.00 stars)
32 Reviews
Easy to store in freezer Gel inside stays flexible Molds as per body Larger packs are space consuming Some picks up the smell of other items in freezer Easy to wipe off
Review Group #: 4
(4.50 stars)
35 Reviews
Provides better pain relief Used by physical therapists Gives deep freeze/numbing effect Soft and comfortable Easily folds, bends and twists to any shape Sturdy Easy to clean Does not leak Heavy duty Durable packs

Where to Buy

StorePromotionsPriceAdditional Details
colpac-supply.com$5.993 in x 11 in
Amazon$16.00Neck Contour
Amazon$16.9611 in x 14 in
weissmedical.com$19.0011 in x 14 in
colpac-supply.com$20.9911 in x 21 in
Amazon$25.6511 in x 21 in
Amazon$25.9511 in x 21 in

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By Anonymous on January 25, 2017

I have a shoulder collar that has not been used in a while. It has become lumpy. Is there a way to soften up the gel? Thanks.

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