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Review of Bodum Chambord Coffee Press
4.40 stars Very Good Form 604 Reviews
Reviewed on: September 21, 2013 Author:
Price Range


Pros & Cons


  • Great for brewing coffee or tea
  • Classic and elegant design
  • Filter works very well
  • Presses smoothly
  • Easy to use, clean and store
  • Coffee really does taste amazing
  • Glass doesn't discolor after repeated use


  • The glass is too thin and may break easily
  • Brewing capacity is based on 4 oz. size
Review Summary

This is the summary of consumer reviews for Bodum Chambord Coffee Press. The BoolPool rating for this product is Very Good, with 4.40 stars, and the price range is $29.36-$39.99.

Bodum Chambord Coffee Press is the classic French press coffee maker designed in the fifties. No brewing method extracts true flavor from the precious coffee bean than the French press. It is super easy to use with a smooth press and easy to clean glass container. The heat-resistant borosilicate glass container is held by a chrome-plated frame. The frame and lid are made of steel and have durable shiny surface that lasts for many years of intense use. The black CHAMBORD Polypropylene handle comes in a matte finish that not only gives a comfortable grip while serving but adds to the classic quality of the design. Bodum Chambord French Press is available in 3-cup, 8-cup and 12-cup capacities and is it great for tea as well.

Some users complain that the glass is too thin and breaks easily. The replacement glass is available but it is expensive. Also the brewing capacity is based on size of 4 oz. drinks, so make sure you get the right size for your needs.

Overall, Bodum Chambord Coffee Press is the classic and elegant French press system has always been the simplest and ultimate way of brewing an excellent cup of coffee. Using fresh coarse ground beans with water between 92 and 96 degrees Celsius brings out the very best in all types of coffee.

User Voice
Bodum Chambord Coffee Press
Not only does this product brew coffee, but loose tea works just as great The product definitely works and it is beautiful Great product to tea aficionados and coffee folks too The filter works wonderfully and the press thing works very smoothly
Review Group #: 1 Rating :
4.50 stars
7 Reviews See Details
Users highly recommend this Bodum French press for coffee lovers Simple accurate means to brew coffee quickly Classic and elegant design
Review Group #: 2 Rating :
4.00 stars
9 Reviews See Details
Filter works great Keeps oils in the coffee It's easy to use, clean and store Everything is dishwasher safe Low tech coffee press is very well-made Super convenient
Review Group #: 3 Rating :
5.00 stars
11 Reviews See Details
The coffee really does taste amazing It's so easy to use Purist way of making coffee
Review Group #: 4 Rating :
4.50 stars
11 Reviews See Details
Metal and plastic frame/handle hold the glass very securely The glass is too thin and it costs just as much to buy new glass as the whole product Good French press but the glass keeps breaking The glass press has a better strainer and the glass doesn't discolor after repeated use
Review Group #: 5 Rating :
3.50 stars
18 Reviews See Details
It brews less than 8 cups of coffee Great alternative to using those smaller 1-2 cup automatic drip makers 8-cup capacity is based on a 4 oz. beverage size
Review Group #: 6 Rating :
5.00 stars
21 Reviews See Details
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Bodum Chambord Coffee Press
Bodum Chambord Coffee Press


Rating : 4.40 stars Form 604 Reviews
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