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Review of Bed Head Deep Wave Iron BH 305$23

Review of Bed Head Deep Wave Iron BH 305

Very Good
4.30 stars
Price Range
Reviewed on: April 22, 2013
Author: BoolPool.com

Pros & Cons

  • Good for short and long hair, thin and thick hair
  • Makes nice subtle waves
  • Adds volume and body to hair to give sexy look
  • Can get many variations of the wave depending on usage style
  • Easy to use and get long lasting beautiful curls
  • Gentle and effective
  • Good value for money
  • Has a strong smell when used
  • Complicated for some users and needs some practice before using
  • Little bulky

Review Summary

This is the summary of consumer reviews for Bed Head Deep Wave Iron BH 305. The BoolPool rating for this product is Very Good, with 4.30 stars, and the price range is $24-$35.

Bedhead Deep Wave Iron helps you create long-lasting, fizz-free bouncy waves in your hair to get those admiring glances every time. The tourmaline ceramic technology creates deep sculpted waves that provide a unique, effortless wavy look for pretty much all type of hair – long, short, thick or thin. This BH305 Wave Iron offers multiple heat settings, to help you achieve your desired end result with ease. It heats up to 400 degrees in 30 seconds. This iron provides high, even heat that penetrates hair from the inside-out, helping hair retain natural moisture for “frizz-free” shiny styles. A professional flexi cord keeps wires untangled. It also features a plate locking switch for easy storage and travel.

A few reviewers find this iron to be complicated to use and they need practice to use this wave iron. Some users report that this iron has a strong smell when it is heated.

Overall, Bedhead Deep Wave Iron from Helen of Troy is a great product for hair to add a lot of volume and body while sculpting relaxed and subtle waves.

User Voice

Cluster Help
Review Group #: 1
(5.00 stars)
27 Reviews
Makes nice waves on longer hair Works well and gives hair a lot of volume and body
Review Group #: 2
(4.50 stars)
7 Reviews
Gets hot pretty fast Gives long lasting beautiful curls and beachy waves looks May need practice to use
Review Group #: 3
(4.50 stars)
14 Reviews
Heats up quickly and gives hair a natural loose crimp
Review Group #: 4
(4.00 stars)
15 Reviews
Creates more pretty subtle waves Can achieve different variations of the wave depending on how much hair is used in each strand
Review Group #: 5
(4.00 stars)
15 Reviews
Works perfect for straight and fine hair Great on short hair too

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Amazon.com  ‎ Rating: 4.30 stars from 302 reviews‎‎, Price: $23.44 ‎
Walmart.com  ‎ Rating: 4.50 stars from 113 reviews‎‎, Price: $27.99 ‎

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