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Review of Lenox Holiday Nouveau 108-Inch Runner$22

Review of Lenox Holiday Nouveau 108-Inch Runner

4.60 stars
Price Range
Reviewed on: November 30, 2013
Author: BoolPool.com

Pros & Cons

  • Pretty and simple design
  • Elegant-looking and yet still festive
  • Looks great on any table
  • Colors are perfect, beautiful fabric
  • Well-made and washes up well
  • Pretty fabric, quality tablecloth
  • No need of ironing
  • There are some seams that were uneven

Review Summary

This is the summary of consumer reviews for Lenox Holiday Nouveau 108-Inch Runner. The BoolPool rating for this product is Excellent, with 4.60 stars, and the price range is $22.62-$31.99.

The Lenox Holiday Nouveau 108-Inch Runner is a very classy and elegant-looking tablecloth runner that give a festive feel with its simple and beautiful design. Perfect for any table, this table cloth has a nice cloth that washes up well and needs little or no ironing. It is a pretty design that looks great and with its vibrant colors gives pretty and bright feel. It is available in many different sizes to fit almost any table.

Recommended for those festive occasions, the Lenox Holiday Nouveau 108-Inch Runner is a beautiful and high-quality tablecloth and runner that is sure to be what you are looking for decorating your family dining table to go with you best dinnerware. 

User Voice

Cluster Help
Review Group #: 1
(4.50 stars)
12 Reviews
Table cloth looks great Elegant-looking Made for an oval dining table Recommended for any table
Review Group #: 2
(4.50 stars)
14 Reviews
Beautiful table cloth with perfect colors Beautiful fabric Well-made and washes up well Doesn't need ironing Lies on the table perfectly
Review Group #: 3
(4.50 stars)
17 Reviews
Very nice table cloth Looks pretty Nice cloth Pretty pattern and bright colors
Review Group #: 4
(5.00 stars)
24 Reviews
Elegant and festive Looks great with Christmas decorations Nice quality Tablecloth is beautiful and looks beautiful on the table

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Amazon.com  ‎ Rating: 4.60 stars from 164 reviews‎‎, Price: $23.46 ‎

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