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Review of All Ware Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer and De-Corer$3

Review of All Ware Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer and De-Corer

Very Good
4.20 stars
Price Range
Reviewed on: September 29, 2013
Author: BoolPool.com
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Pros & Cons

  • Very easy to use, manually operated
  • Great tool to peel, slice and core pineapples
  • Plastic and stainless steel construction
  • Dishwasher safe, easy to clean
  • Saves lots of time
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable and stylish
  • Small cutting diameter so leaves fruit in the core
  • Handle may break easily and cutter may rust

Review Summary

This is the summary of consumer reviews for All Ware Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer and De-Corer. The BoolPool rating for this product is Very Good, with 4.20 stars, and the price range is $3.98-$6.99.

The All Ware Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer and De-Corer is made from durable stainless steel and has a plastic handle, with a medium-sized sharp blade. The slicer is designed to peel, core and slice an entire pineapple in seconds. It allows creating one slice at a time or cutting up the whole fruit at once. Makes nice, clean round shaped rings and is dishwasher safe, which makes it pretty easy to clean.

However, the handle is made of flimsy plastic material and the stainless steel is of low quality, which leads to easy breaking of handle and rusting on cutter. The cutting diameter is small even for a standard sized pineapple, which leaves a lot of fruit in the core as wastage. Some find it difficult to clean especially the space between the handle and blade. 

Overall, the All Ware Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer and De-Corer is easy to use, inexpensive and perfect pineapple slicer for a fresh, healthy fruit snack.

User Voice

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Review Group #: 1
(3.00 stars)
5 Reviews
Handle is hard to remove and stainless steel material is very low quality The cutter is cheaply spot welded The handle does not fit well into the cutter shaft Some slicers were delivered with rust spots on the cutter
Review Group #: 2
(4.00 stars)
7 Reviews
Easy to use and clean Inexpensive The handle is made of flimsy plastic Hard to get the handle out to clean it
Review Group #: 3
(4.00 stars)
15 Reviews
This pineapple slicer works great Cleans up easily in the dishwasher Need a strong grip to get this slicer to work well Leaves a lot of fruit behind
Review Group #: 4
(4.00 stars)
18 Reviews
Less waste of fruit than cutting one by hand with a knife For average sized pineapple, the cutting diameter is too small Very easy to use, save a lot of time for cutting pineapples Makes perfect rings that you cut to separate
Review Group #: 5
(4.00 stars)
20 Reviews
Cuts thicker slices Much cleaner cut so the slices look more appealing Cores and slices pineapple as described, however much good pineapple is wasted Stainless model cuts easily and effectively Doesn't produce those nice clean smooth slices you get in canned pineapples

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