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»»Reviews of Top 9 Jogging Strollers - Side by Side Comparison

Reviews of Top 9 Jogging Strollers - Side by Side Comparison

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ProductRatingProsConsUser VoiceReview Summary
Rating: 4.5 - 5 stars: Excellent; 4.0 - 4.5 stars: Very Good; 3.0 - 4.0 stars: Good; 2.0 - 3.0 stars: Fair; 0 - 2.0 stars: Poor
14.70 starsExcellent
  • Easy to assemble, fold and open
  • Locking front swivel wheel good for walking and jogging
  • Good shock absorbers and suspension
  • Comfortable and smooth ride on-road and off-road
  • Super easy to push and maneuver
  • Lightweight and durable material; Good storage
  • Padded and comfortable seat with good safety features
  • Basic accessories like tray and cup holder are not included
  • Seat doesn't sit up far enough for little kids to see everything
  • Storage basket not easily accessible
  • Expensive
  1. The locking swivel wheel is great for both jogging and walking Very smooth for jogging Handles off road surface well when walking
  2. Plum color is really nice Does not come with a cup holder and tray attachment
  3. Good shock absorbers Good for walking on road, gravel and even in the mall
BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller is a smooth all terrain stroller that is perfect for anyone who plans on spending a lot of time outdoors with their child. This is a very sturdy and well built stroller with swivel front wheel that can lock for jogging and trail hiking allowing enhanced maneuverability. The easy, two-step folding and lightweight frame allow for convenient transport and storage.See More
24.50 starsExcellent
  • Extra large sunshade canopy is good
  • All the accessories like parent organizer, tire pump, rain cover are included
  • Easy to put together, fold and open
  • Easy to adjust extra wide, multi-position, supportive seat
  • Smooth ride and front wheel can be locked
  • Easy to manuever with a light hold on the handle bar
  • Good value for money
  • Kid's head may hit the canopy when it is folded
  • When the front wheel isn't locked, it shakes like crazy
  • Not good for jogging or fast paced walking
  1. Folds easily Big sun canopy is good Kid' head may hit the canopy when it is folded
  2. When the front wheel isn't locked, it shakes like crazy Not good for jogging or fast paced walking
  3. All the accessories like parent organizer, tire pump, rain cover are included Extra large sun shade is good
Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller offers superb comfort and convenient features. It is easy to put together, fold and open. It has a one hand recline system and a signature oversize canopy for great sun protection.See More
34.50 starsExcellent
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and easy to open, fold and carry
  • Adjustable and multi-position reclining seat
  • Large wheels make it easy to push; Smooth ride
  • Comes with the locked car seat adapter
  • Great price and good value for the money
  • Front swivel wheel can be locked while jogging
  • Harness straps are not thick enough for infants
  • Sides don't offer much cushion
  1. Easy to assemble Easy to open and close Easy to push Smooth ride Back rest moves up and down easily
  2. Lightweight Harness straps are not thick enough for infants Sides don't offer any cushion
  3. Great price Value for the money Large wheels
Baby Trend's Expedition Jogging stroller is popular choice of many parents because of its great features, reasonable price, durability and all-terrain versatility. The front swivel wheel can be locked for better maneuverability and versatility. Nothing takes on varied indoor and outdoor situations like its large 12" and 16" air filled tires.See More
44.50 starsExcellent
  • Super easy to switch from swivel to locked front wheel with a button on handle
  • Easy to assemble; Easy to maneuver; Easy to fold and unfold
  • Strong back wheel and good shocks make off-terrain ride smooth and comfortable
  • Very comfortable and smooth ride on-road and off-road; No wobbly wheel
  • Large storage basket underneath
  • Large sunshade top is easy to adjust with one hand
  • Reasonable price and value for the money
  • In some cases, stroller veers to left when front wheel is locked
  • When folded may take more space compared to other joggers
  1. Easy to push Adjustable height handle bar
  2. Easy to fold Easy to assemble Easy to maneuver Super easy to switch from swivel to locked front wheel Strong back wheel shocks good for easy off-terrain ride
  3. Looks nice Excellent stroller for walking or jogging
Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger is great for handling even the roughest terrains while providing comfortable rides to kids. It is equipped with large, easy gliding, 16-inch rear wheels and 12- inch front swivel wheel which can be locked with a button on handle, making it well suited for brisk runs on mixed and uneven terrain by giving added control and stability. The wide tread tires are sturdy and come with real spokes.See More
54.40 starsVery Good
  • Easy to assemble; Easy to follow instructions
  • Easy to maneuver with smooth, large and inflatable wheels
  • Removable iBaby sound system for fun tunes
  • Nice reclining and comfortable seat; Handles 'Off-Road' very well
  • Good storage in front and back
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Can fit many different car seats; Can fit big sippy cups
  • Bulky when folded up
  • Heavy to lift and put in back of car
  • Massive wheel base
  1. Easy to assemble Smooth and large wheels Massive wheel base Not compact
  2. Strong, sturdy and smooth Highly recommended stroller especially for rough terrain Good storage in front and back
  3. Very bulky when folded up Has horn and steering wheel for kids
The Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller is a multipurpose, on the go wheel system that transports your child in style while you walk. This stroller is compatible with many popular car seat brands offering a comfortable ride with rugged 12 inch inflatable tires and easy-swivel front wheel that locks for maneuvering bumpy landscapes. It features a removable iBaby sound System which lets you hook up your iPod or mp3 player for soothing tunes.See More
64.30 starsVery Good
  • Easy To assemble
  • Folds easily and fits in trunk of small car
  • Smooth ride and easy to push; Adjustable handle
  • Really nice and gender neutral colors
  • Lots of storage space and convenient features
  • Compatible with most car seats
  • Surdy and durable
  • Front wheel may become wobbly
  • Metal bar makes it difficult to put bags below
  • Looks bulky
  1. Easy to assemble Extremely easy to push
  2. Smooth riding jogging stroller
  3. Users love this stroller Adjustable handle for height differences Really nice and gender neutral colors
The InStep Grand Safari Jogging Stroller is a perfect way to stay in shape while allowing outdoor time and refreshing air for the young ones. It features 12-inch front and 16-inch rear pneumatic tires with molded rims for durability and performance. The dual trigger folding mechanism offers essential storage and the rubberized, adjustable handle is comfortable and slip resistant.See More
74.10 starsVery Good
  • Easy to assemble, fold up and store; Easy to remove front wheel
  • Very comfortable ride for kids; Has a big adjustable sunshade
  • Adjustable push handle and big wheels; Easy to push
  • Affordable, durable and good looking stroller
  • Lightweight and sturdy frame with excellent suspension
  • Front wheel is locked making is perfect for jogging
  • Hand brake and rear parking brake
  • Flimsy cords and strap system for seat adjustment
  • Seat angle can be steep and unsafe for babies
  • Stroller veers in one direction in many cases
  1. Front wheel is locked and it does not swivel Easy to remove front wheel Adjustable push handle
  2. Comfortable ride for kids Big adjustable canopy is very nice to keep the sun and wind out
  3. Easy to push Lightweight Seat adjustment strap system is not sturdy Seat angle is steep for babies
Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller is designed to provide comfortable ride to kids while parents stay active with a jogging stroller that can go anywhere. The Free Runner Stroller from Schwinn is equipped with large, 16-inch wheels and locked front wheel making it well suited for brisk runs on mixed and uneven terrain. It is easy to assemble, fold up and store.See More
84.00 starsGood
  • Good for any terrain; Front wheel can switch between swivel and fixed
  • Lot of easily accessible storage
  • Easy to push, turn and maneuver
  • Easy to assemble; Fits many car seats
  • Safe, smooth and comfortable ride with lot of room
  • Lots of cup and snack holders
  • iPod speaker hook up and toy in front for entertainment
  • A little big for stowing in the back of car or trunk
  • Sun visor is permanently fixed to the back
  • Some users faced problems with rear tire blowing up
  • Heavy to fold
  1. Front wheel can switch between swivel and fixed Kids love the steering wheel and horn Fits 10 different car seats
  2. Lots of room for child Easy push on and off road Lots of cup/snack holders Little heavy
  3. Safe for babies Multi purpose stroller Bigger than other strollers
Jeep Liberty Sport X All-Terrain Stroller features a convenient one-hand and self-standing fold design that works great for farmer's market trip, or morning runs. The three-wheel all-terrain design features 12-inch inflatable tires and easy-swivel front wheel locks for tackling uneven surfaces with ease. The large basket and 2 removable cargo bags offer plenty of easily accessible storage.See More
93.90 starsGood
  • Comfortable, safe and smooth ride
  • Comes with inbuilt iBaby music dock
  • Sturdy and lightweight frame, Looks nice
  • Easy to push and plenty of storage
  • Good snack and drink tray with cup holder
  • Adjustable sunshade and handle
  • Comfortable multi-position reclining seat
  • Pedometer does not work well
  • iBaby sound system is not good
  • Speaker is right behind baby's ear
  • Tires go flat fast
  1. Some users say it is easy to turn Some users find it hard to turn becasue of fixed front wheel
  2. Nice product Comfortable
  3. Kids love riding in this stroller Pushes easily
Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller has a fixed front wheel for better handling when jogging. The 16 inch air filled tires provide a comfortable smooth ride for mommy or daddy and baby. This stroller has an adjustable handle with good grip which adjusts to multiple heights and different angles.See More

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Jogging Strollers Buying Guide

Reviews of Top 9 Jogging Strollers - Side by Side Comparison

There are many different types of strollers like: Travel Systems, Jogging Strollers, Umbrella or Lightweight Strollers, etc.

Travel Systems: These strollers are probably the most popular type of strollers and include a standard stroller, a car seat and a baby carrier.[1] The baby carrier attaches to the car-seat base (that stays in the car) and then pops out to attach to the stroller base without disturbing the baby.[3] The car seat will accommodate an infant up to approximately 20 pounds.[2] When the child outgrows the car seat the standard stroller can be used into the child's preschool years.[2] The strollers are designed to fold and open quickly and easily using one hand.

Some parents find the travel systems to be bulky, and in the beginning they need to use both the infant car seat and the stroller.[3][5][6]

Jogging Strollers: Jogging and all terrain strollers have three wheels and let you push your child while you run or jog.[5][7] These exercise strollers have large, sturdy wheels, hand brake system, shock absorbers, and five-point harnesses.[1][3] Jogging strollers should not be used for children less than 6 months old because these strollers do not recline fully.[1][2] These strollers can accommodate children up to approximately 50 pounds, roughly 5 years of age.[2] Some jogging strollers can carry more than one child, either side-by-side or one-behind-the-other.[8]

The downside of Jogging strollers is that they cannot be used with a car seat.[6] Since these strollers are longer and larger it is not easy to fold and store these strollers.[3][9] Jogging strollers should not be used with children less than 6 months old.

Umbrella Strollers: These strollers are the bare bones of strollers with less features and options than other stroller types.[7] Umbrella strollers are compact and lightweight, and in most cases weigh less than 15 lbs. They are easy to fold, easy to take in and out of a vehicle, and are designed for maneuvering through large crowds easily.[2] Some umbrella strollers have features like reclining seats, storage baskets and sunshades.[4]

The downside of umbrella strollers is that they are not suited for children less than 6 months old since the seat cannot recline fully and does not have much head support.[5][8] Additionally, these strollers are not suited for rough terrain because of the small wheel size.[10]

Wheel Size

Stroller Wheels come in three sizes - 12-inch, 16-inch and 20-inch. [11][12][13][14] The bigger the stroller wheels, the better control and shock absorption the stroller has when used in the rough terrain.[12][15] 12-inch wheels are good for walking, strolling on pavement and sidewalks, and ideal for urban parents who stick to smooth surfaces.[11] Smaller wheels also reduce the stroller weight and take up less storage space. However, if you plan on doing more intense jogging and running on or off pavement, you need to look at 16-inch or 20-inch wheels.[11][13] 16-inch wheels are good for frequent fast walking or jogging occasionally off road.[11] The larger wheels provide a smoother ride for the baby, and a smoother run for you.[15] 20-inch wheels are for power walkers and runners who plan to use the stroller over rough terrain.[12] Remember, these wheels will be harder to fold and get in your vehicle.[16]

Fixed vs. Swivel Wheel

Jogging strollers come with front swivel wheels, front fixed wheels and front swivel wheels with locking capabilities.[17][12] Jogging strollers with swivel wheels are great for tight places that require a lot of moving around, going around corners, or avoiding obstacles.[17] These strollers provide a lot of flexibility. If you plan on using the stroller only for jogging and running then jogging stroller with fixed front wheel is best for you.[12] Front fixed wheel strollers are stable and durable and will help you hold a steady line.[11][17] If you plan on using the stroller in both your daily life for moving around and also while jogging and running, consider jogging strollers that have front swivel wheels with locking capability.[13][14]

Hand Brakes

Jogging stroller brakes includes hand brakes, parking brakes and wrist straps.[12][16] All jogging strollers have parking brakes but be sure to purchase a stroller that has hand brakes.[16] A hand brake on a jogging stroller is similar to that on a bike, allowing you to slow down and stop while jogging. The benefit of a hand brake is your ability to control slowing and stopping speed, lessening the risk of your child being tossed forward with a sudden stop.[18] The wrist strap is attached on one end to the wheel lock on the stroller and on the other end loops around your wrist. The wrist strap keeps the stroller getting away from you.[18]

5-Point Safety Harness

Jogging strollers that feature 5-Point Harness will provide best safety for your child. The difference between a five-point harness and a three-point harness is the addition of shoulder straps for added stability.[12] Avoid strollers that only have 3-point harness.

Alloy vs. Steel Wheels

Jogging strollers are available with alloy and steel wheels. Steel is more prone to rust, but it is also less expensive than alloy.[19] Additionally, alloy wheels are lighter than steel and reduce overall stroller weight.[12] If you choose stroller with steel wheels, be sure to clean and dry the wheels after use to prevent rusting.[19]

Top Sellers

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