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»»Reviews of Top 10 Electric Dryers - Side by Side Comparison

Reviews of Top 10 Electric Dryers - Side by Side Comparison

ProductRatingProsConsUser VoiceReview Summary
Rating: 4.5 - 5 stars: Excellent; 4.0 - 4.5 stars: Very Good; 3.0 - 4.0 stars: Good; 2.0 - 3.0 stars: Fair; 0 - 2.0 stars: Poor
4.70 starsExcellent
  • Excellent performance with quiet and quick drying
  • Large capacity and energy efficient
  • Wrinkles are greatly reduced
  • Has a lot of options like Steam, Damp and Cool functions
  • Drying sensor dries clothes evenly and good control over head settings
  • Stylish looking with reversible door, user friendly and dependable
  • Good value for money and highly recommended by users
  • A little expensive
  • Sometimes leaves large comforters and sheets damp
  1. Great performance Quiet Good looking
  2. Comes with a lot of options including drying sensor that helps dry garments evenly Quick worker Clothes come out less wrinkled
  3. A bit expensive Good value for money Reliable Quiet and efficient
The Maytag 7.4 cu ft Electric Dryer (MED6000XW or MED6000XG) is a highly efficient and durable machine that has an enormous capacity for all kinds of garments. This convenient and uncomplicated product comes with an assortment of functions including the Drying sensor that aids in drying the garments evenly. The much appreciated Steam option smooths out and removes most wrinkles, like Botox...for clothes!See More
4.50 starsExcellent
  • Many convenient features and easy to use
  • Clothes dry fast and well
  • Large capacity
  • Energy efficient
  • Stylish looking
  • Reasonably quiet
  • Cost efficient
  • Door clip breaks and also snags items
  • Does not fit closer to the wall
  • Small items may catch on fins
  • Have to power off and power on for 2nd load else it shuts down after few minutes
  1. Users love the variety of features it offers Easy to use
  2. Dryer works well Reasonably quiet
  3. Dries clothes fast Drying sensor works quiet well
Maytag Bravos X MEDX500XW combines performance and efficiency to present a 7.4 cu. ft. High-Efficiency Electric Dryer. It comes with a IntelliDry sensor that utilizes advanced technology to automatically detect when clothes are dry, reducing the chances of shrinking and excess energy use. A 90-minute Wrinkle Prevent mechanism keeps the clothes wrinkle free when you cannot take out laundry right after drying.See More
4.50 starsExcellent
  • Dries clothes very well and fast
  • Easy to use and easy to follow instructions
  • Large capacity and stylish design
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet operation
  • Lots of options and adjustable temperature settings
  • Has a good 'Notify When Damp" option
  • The sensor dry does not work with large blankets
  • Some users did not like the customer service
  1. Excellent performance Good quality
  2. Dries clothes well and quickly Has 'Notify when damp' option
  3. Easy to use Good range of features Easy to understand instructions
LG Electronics DLE2250W Electric Dryer is a well performing dryer. With 7.1 cubic feet of capacity, this dryer handles really large loads thus saving you time and energy. There is nothing worse than pulling clothes out of the dryer and finding they’re still damp!See More
4.50 starsExcellent
  • Dries loads evenly, fast and eliminates overdrying and shrinking
  • Large capacity and can handle big loads real well
  • Clothes come out wrinkle free, fresh and looking good
  • Easy to use, program and easy to clean
  • Durable and energy efficient
  • Users like easy side swinging glass door, lighted drum and the steam option for removing wrinkles
  • Minimal noise
  • Some users find it a little louder when compared to other models
  • No option to turn off the sound that indicates open and shut door
  1. Efficient and fast drying Does not overdry clothes
  2. Clothes come out wrinkle free Runs very quiet and dries clothes quickly and completely
  3. Takes care of delicates and also handles large comforters quite well
Maytag Bravos XL MEDB850Y(W/G) Electric Dryer with Steam brings a premium laundry experience that keeps your household's clothes, fabrics and special items ready for daily life. This high-efficiency dryer uses “Advanced Moisture Sensing” technology to save money, evenly dry loads and virtually eliminate overdrying and shrinking. Incoming and outgoing temperatures and moisture levels are monitored using three sensors and moisture strips and it stops the cycle when clothes are dry and does not prolong the cycle, delivering optimal efficiency.See More
4.50 starsExcellent
  • Good and fast drying performance
  • Large capacity drum with interior light
  • Large reversible side swing door
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Energy saving
  • Many convenient features like 'Auto Dry', 'Wrinkle Shield' and 'Low Heat'
  • Good value for money and highly recommended by users
  • Doesn't work as well when it's very humid outside
  • It may not remove wrinkles
  1. Large capacity Large door is convenient Light inside is good
  2. Easy to use Great price for the performance
  3. Wrinkle free option is good Energy saver Can switch off end of cycle buzzer
Whirlpool WED4800XQ Electric Dryer is a dryer with intelligence. This 7.0 cu. ft. electric model features the AutoDry™ system, which senses when clothes have reached the right temperature and stops the cycle to save energy. It also has many energy saving features and 4 temperature settings to give you precise control over your drying.See More
4.50 starsExcellent
  • Silent and speedy clothes dryer
  • Large capacity stainless steel drum and transparent glass door
  • Does not shrink clothes
  • Good features like Rack-Dry and Steam options, lighted interior etc
  • Steam option helps reduce static on garment
  • Great quality and reasonable price
  • Easy to use and highly reccommended product
  • Clothes sometimes get wrinkled
  • Clothes come out a little damp if dryer is loaded fully
  • No vents in the bottom
  1. A quiet and fast dryer Clothes sometimes come out wrinkled Has a large capacity Can see the action through the transparent doors
  2. Has great features including Steam and Rack Dry options Doesn't shrink clothes
  3. User friendly A good quality product Worth the price Lint filter is easy to reach
The LG Electronics 7.3 cu.ft. Electric Dryer with Steam DLEX5170(X) has an assortment of features and technologies that enhances the drying process. The Steam option helps reduce static (especially in winter), while the Sensor Dry system monitors in-cycle moisture levels. This maybe the reason why the machine dries work clothes as well as delicates efficiently!See More
4.50 starsExcellent
  • Dries clothes quickly and effectively
  • Easy to install and use
  • Wrinkle free drying
  • Quiet and user-friendly
  • Large capacity
  • Great for a large family
  • Reasonable price and energy efficient
  • No light inside the dryer
  • Some reliablity issues
  • Delicate and thin body
  • No dampness sensor
  • Loud buzzer can be annoying
  1. Dries clothes efficiently Has three temperature settings Drying sensor does an effective job Wrinkle free drying
  2. Good value for the money Quiet Easy to install and use
  3. Reasonably priced Loud buzzer can be annoying
The Maytag MEDC200XW Electric Dryer is a no frills,basic, easy-to-use machine with simple settings, 13 cycles and three temperatures. This drying system does its job competently, silently and rapidly (without much ado!), and is purse friendly too. The 7 cu.ft. drum is very family friendly, and can take in big loads easily.See More
4.50 starsExcellent
  • Efficient and quiet clothes dryer with huge capacity
  • Has all basic features like energy settings, finished drying alarm,drying sensor
  • Good value for the money
  • Reliable and good quality
  • Reversible door and lighted interior
  • Clothes come out wrinkle free and with good air fluff
  • Dries clothes without heating them too much
  • Cleaning the lint filter on top of dryer makes dryer dirty
  • Top of the unit becomes very hot
  • Doesn't dry evenly sometimes
  1. Dries clothes efficiently and quietly Has all necessary features Clothes don't tangle while drying
  2. Lint filter placement on top of dryer makes it very dusty Needs constant cleaning Outside top of the unit becomes very hot
  3. Recommended basic dryer with simple controls for easy use Reversible door
The Maytag Centennial 7 cu ft Electric Dryer (MEDC300XW) is a budget friendly, dependable machine that can spin dry huge loads of clothes every time. It is a simple and straightforward equipment that even an elementary school kid can operate! It comes with useful features like the wrinkle release function that removes most wrinkles even after you forget your clothes in the dryer overnight.This Maytag product is a quiet and efficient worker, drying clothes without overheating them.See More
4.40 starsVery Good
  • Performs well and dries clothes fast
  • Large drop down hamper door is liked by many users
  • Large capacity and energy efficient
  • Quiet and easy to understand operation
  • Comes with Wrinkle guard feature
  • Flat top is good for folding laundry
  • Reasonable price and value for money
  • Sensor drying doesn't always work
  • Can be hard to clean for some users
  1. Dries clothes very well Drop down door feature Easy to understand operation
  2. Dries clothes fast and cuts on drying time
  3. Large fold down door is great for easy access Large capacity Quiet
Whirlpool WED4900XW is a 7.0 cu. ft. Traditional Electric Dryer equipped with AccuDryTM system which provides excellent and fast drying performance when you need it. This system measures moisture and temperature and stops the cycle when the load is dry, which reduces over drying. It has 9 automatic cycles and 4 temperature settings giving users precise control over their drying, while the Wrinkle ShieldTM option helps prevent wrinkles from setting in. The controls are very easy to understand.See More
4.00 starsGood
  • Easy to program with multiple settings which dry clothes just right
  • Quiet and efficient dryer with large capacity
  • Energy saving product
  • Steam dry cycle to remove wrinkles for dry clothing is good
  • User friendly and dries anything from hand-washables to heavy comforters
  • Eco friendly and cuts the drying time by lot
  • 'Damp dry' feature is good
  • Pre-determined settings often don't dry the clothes enough and extra time is needed
  • It has a slanted top so nothing can be stored on top
  1. Eco friendly with a scale to show the most efficient drying cycles Cuts the drying time 'Damp dry' feature is good
  2. Users love this dryer for its features and performance
  3. Steam dry cycle to remove wrinkles for dry clothing is good Pre-determined settings often don't dry the clothes enough and extra time is needed
Whirlpool Cabrio WED5600XW is an energy efficient and Eco-friendly Electric Dryer with 7.4 cu. ft. capacity. It has a unique Eco Monitor which lets you see how the cycles and options you choose will affect your overall energy savings. It is equipped with the AccuDryTM system enabled by 6th SenseTM technology and intuitive, built-in sensors that automatically measures moisture and temperature levels and stops the cycle to reduce overdrying.See More

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Electric Dryer Buying Guide

Reviews of Top 10 Electric Dryers - Side by Side Comparison

All dryers use an electric motor to tumble clothes and an electric fan to distribute heated air. The difference is how heat is generated.[1] There are two main types of clothes dryers: Electric Dryers and Gas Dryers.[1][2] 

Electric Dryers: Electric dryers are by far the most common types of clothes dryers and account for more than 80% models sold.[3][4] Electric dryers use electricity to create the heat needed to dry clothes.[2] Electric dryers are slightly less expensive and cost $50 to $150 less than the gas dryers.[5][3] They run on a 240-volt current to heat up coils and require a 240 outlet in the laundry area.[1]

Electric dryers are less energy efficient than the Gas Dryers.[5] They typically cost more to operate day-to-day depending on electricity rates.[4]

Gas Dryers: Gas dryers are more expensive ($50 to $150 more) that the comparable Electric dryer models. However, Gas dryers are more energy efficient and are typically less expensive to operate than Electric dryers. It usually takes only a year or two to make up the purchase-price difference due to energy savings.[1] Gas dryers require a gas hookup and a 120-volt outlet in the laundry area to install.[3][4]

Moisture Sensors

Most modern dryers have moisture sensors that stop the drying cycle when clothes are dry instead of spinning for the pre-set time limit. Such sensors can cut energy use and electric bills.[6] The most efficient dryers have electronic moisture sensors that come in contact with the clothes during the drying cycle to determine their moisture level.[7] Less expensive dryers have moisture sensors that are not as accurate because moisture levels are estimated based on exhaust air temperatures as clothes move through the drying cycle. Once a certain exhaust air temperature is reached, the sensor shuts down the cycle.[7]

Moisture sensor drying not only save time and money on energy costs, it can prevent overdrying (which can cause shrinkage) and extend the life of your clothes.[1][8]

Dryer Capacity

Typical dryer capacity ranges from approximately 3.4 cubic feet (for a compact model) to over 7 cubic feet for an extra large capacity model.[9] In the past it was recommended to purchase a dryer with twice the capacity as that of the washer, so the amount of clothes washed in two loads could be dried in one.[7] However, the new dryers are so large and efficient that very large loads can be handled with ease and in much less time.[7] Larger capacity dryers can also easily accommodate bulky items like comforters and have less wrinkling since clothes have more room to move around inside the drum.[5][2]

Stainless Steel Drums

Dryers come with plastic, porcelain and stainless steel drums. There is no difference in performance between plastic, porcelain and stainless steel drums. However, stainless steel drums eliminate the risk of rusting, chipping, cracking, or scratching, and looks very stylish.[7][10] They also have the smoothest finish, handle longer drying cycles better and last a lifetime.[2][7] 

Dryer noise reduction

Choose a quiet machine if your dryer will be in or near a living area.[11] Manufacturers use insulation, reinforced frames and other noise reducing technologies to make dryers run more quietly.[2][11] You might also consider models that let you silence end-of-cycle signals.[3]

Dryer Cycles

All dryers offer basic cycles such as heavy and light.[5][2] Advanced dryers offer more preset cycles like the following:

Drying Rack

Some models include a Drying rack for heavy or bulky items that should not tumble (i.e. sweaters or tennis shoes).[11] Drying rack allows you to dry without tumbling the items.[2][3]

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